Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i wish you had of come over.

1. you are always on my mind and to be quite honest i'm getting sick of it in a way that i don't want to think what you're doing incase of exploding with jealousy that someone else has you. i love you, i have from day one and the world can disagree as much as it likes, i'll do whatever it takes. i'm just waiting for you to make your mind up, tell me what you want from me. i need you, i need you more then day needs light. you are my perfect, you are what makes me happy the most. i'll wait as long as it takes but i'm not going to say i'll enjoy it.

2. stop talking to me like you're not already taken, stop calling me "babe and baby" i'm not yours and i never will be. stop trying to sweet talk me, it wont work. you have an amazing girlfriend who i enjoy talking to, she doesn't deserve what you're doing behind her back, does she have any clue that last night you told me that you and her broke up? i don't want to be the one to tell her or show her the mail because i know it will upset her but maybe she needs to be told. i think you're a great person but you need to realise, what you're doing isn't right and i always wonder how many others there are.

3. you will always be my best friend. always and forever. i don't like the feeling of losing my bestfriend to someone else, i really don't. i just need you to reassure me that it's not happening, that she isn't capable of doing such a thing. i love you, i love how ever since day one you've been there for me no matter what and i know we've had our downs but thats ntohing compared to where we are today. you are an amazing friend and an amazing mum to the perfect little angel.

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