Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i'll always show you.

I'm not alone, in my mind is where she stays.
friends for years but now the end.
Last night is when she took herself away from me,
she lived a lie.
She lived in fear with nobody to understand her,
i never heard of this fear till she ended her years too soon.

Everyday she awoke to a silence she had to bear,
hold back from the truth.
It didn't happen, it didn't happen, thats all she'd repeat in her mind where she was alone.
to remember, to not forget till it became too much.
She lay for the last time,
she took her last breath and said her last words.

"Remember me for who i tried to be,
Remember me for the good i tried to give,
Remember me not as the girl who took her life,
Not as the girl who lived everyday a lie
for the sake of me, for the sake of my friends,
remember me for the days i tried to live."

Who was to know the hell she was living with everyday,
who was to know what she had to put up with.
He held her down, he had his way,
then pushed her away to cry and feel like she was nothing.
to feel like she was loved by no-one.
just her body he wanted, with no rights, he had his way.

She had no idea, i lay awake every night for her,
i lay awake and thought of her,
if i had of known what could i have done?
i would've taken her away, i would have held her when she felt the need to cry.
she was the only reason i woke up in the morning.
she was everything to me and she didn't know it.
Best friends we'll remain, best friends we'll always be.
I'll live for her, i'll live the life she only wished she could live.

Carla Dwighte
Taken too soon but never forgotten.
1989 - 2006

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