Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A reminder of your kiss in one song

Whenever i listen to this one song i'm reminded of holding you, kissing you so softly and feeling so vulnerable to one person.
i'm reminded of your smell, your soft skin and the way you'd bite your lip when you'd look at me.
i would give my perfect view of the world if only i could feel this one more time, even if it meant nothing to you, it would mean so much to me.
you're a sweet reminder in my head that i just love to think of.
you're the beautiful voice singing me this song that only us both would know.
i held you so close and you told me to not let you go, you told me no matter where we are in the world just remember where you were this day and that day has never left my mind, that day is imprinted in my palms as i beg for the world to just bring it back.
i still love you, i still think of being with you.

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