Sunday, February 22, 2009

make a plan to love me

i wish i could hold her, i wish i could feel like this and not be scared.
i'll never leave her but i sometimes think im going crazy with love for her.
she is amazing, everything about her.
i'd go to hell and back to prove i can't be myself without her.
i'm speechless for her and i feel like a love struck girl when im around her.
she is the beautiful sunrise and the beautiful sunset.
if i had a car i'd drive to her just to say one thing.
one thing being 'i love you, i need you and i'll never leave you'.
i'll never be happy without her.

i know with you its new, i know with you it is true.
im sorry for what you've been through but please, like the song.
make a plan to love me?
because i already fell for you.

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