Sunday, February 22, 2009

its her

she shines brighter then the sun on a hot day or the stars at night. she shines brighter to me then anyone can see. i’m so captivated by her that every time i pick up my phone its to talk to her. i know this is wrong and she tells me i’m wasting my time but if thats true then why for the first time in my life is my head and my heart telling me to do the same thing. why does she give me this feeling that i’ve never quite felt before just by saying hi. why do i feel such a sudden urge every day to say goodmorning and never forget to say goodnight. if this is all a mistake then why would i give up everything to start all over again just with her. i wish it was her fingers dancing in the palm of my hand or her eyes looking straight at mine. i’d give my moon and my sun just to lay next to her. no matter how many stars there are in the sky, not all of them put together could match the beauty i saw in her the first time i laid eyes on her. and so i wait, by the window i am cold today but tomorrow will bring light, i’ll wait as long as it takes for her name i beg to take….i wait…i wait…i wait…

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